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Gracie Madero, PsyD. (Hillcrest)

Gracie Madero, PsyD. (Hillcrest)


Gracie Madero, PsyD. (Hillcrest)

(She/Her/Hers) Psychological Assistant supervised by Dr. Karen Hyland


Dr. Gracie Madero is a queer-identified Psychological Assistant (supervised by Dr. Karen Z. Hyland) who recently obtained her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is in the process of collecting hours towards licensure. Her specialities include gender and sexuality, young adults, identity development, the coming out process, relationship issues and trauma. Dr. Madero offers a supportive, empathic, and compassionate approach welcoming clients to share the true versions of themselves in an effort to become the best versions while in a safe space.

Dr. Madero has experience working with long term patients utilizing a Psychodynamic approach and has specialized training in working with gender and sexuality, including completing numerous practicums and positions working within the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, Dr. Madero has trained in college counseling centers focused on Substance Use treatment, early prevention/intervention and recovery utilizing Motivational Interviewing. When tasked with the choice for her pre-doctoral internship, Dr. Madero sought out San Jose State University in an effort to further her training in working with marginalized communities, approaching clients through a culturally-informed lens and advocating for students, addressing social justice issues and working to create policy change. Dr. Madero’s passion lies in meeting clients where they are at and creating a collaborative relationship in which clients feel they are empowered as they navigate difficult life experiences.

Dr. Madero is committed to continual personal and clinical development and seeks to navigate challenges that are shared throughout the human experience. She is committed to serving marginalized communities, working with teens and adolescents and being accessible to those in need. She has extensive training with transitional age youth and believes that early support and collaboration can facilitate life-long growth and change. Dr. Madero believes that therapy can be beneficial by helping people explore and understand their early experiences, heal wounds and grow from unwanted behaviors, thought patterns or interpersonal relationships, ultimately empowering the individual to create the type of life they desire. She helps clients develop tools they can use to decrease distress, increase their ability to tolerate negative feelings/emotions and gain a better ability to self-reflect. Dr. Madero is passionate about working with individuals and her clients would describe her as warm, understanding, safe and challenging. In her personal life she enjoys cooking, spending time with her dog, being outdoors and fitness training.