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Steve Sprinkle, Ph.D. (La Jolla)

Steve Sprinkle, Ph.D. (La Jolla)


Steve Sprinkle, Ph.D. (La Jolla)

(He/Him/His) Psychologist specializing in providing empirically supported treatment for depression and anxiety.

Dr. Steve Sprinkle is an experienced psychologist trained in providing empirically supported treatment for depression, anxiety, and other common psychological problems.  His primary approach to treatment combines the use of interpersonal and cognitive behavioral strategies.  Dr. Sprinkle strives to establish strong therapeutic relationships with his clients, and helps them develop insight and perspective as they work to deepen their relationships, adopt healthy habits, and improve their ways of thinking.  He uses brief rating scales to assess their symptoms and to track their response to treatment, and collaborates closely with their medical and psychiatric providers when psychotropic medications are indicated.

Dr. Sprinkle is experienced in working with college students and adults who are going through significant life transitions, including significant changes in relationships, careers, family, and health.  

Dr. Sprinkle is a committed ally to the LGBT community. He was a volunteer counselor in the early days of the AIDS Memorial Quilt and has been active in supporting marriage equality.  He has extensive experience with clients working through the “coming out” process, and with clients who are navigating the challenges associated with living in a society that is often hostile towards the LGBT community.   

Dr. Sprinkle grew up in Latin America and speaks fluent Spanish.  He often works with clients who speak Spanish or come from Spanish-speaking families, and with clients who are from a wide range of other countries and are experiencing difficulties in adjusting to life in the U.S.

Dr. Sprinkle completed his undergraduate degree at the College of William & Mary and his doctoral degree in clinical psychology at the University of Virginia.  He has published research on the Beck Depression Inventory-2 and has a strong interest in brief psychological assessment measures.  Most of his career has focused on university mental health services, and before starting his full-time private practice he was director of the Counseling Center at the University of San Diego for 11 years. In his years as a university counseling director he was appointed to serve on the Association of University and College Counseling Center Directors’ Elements of Excellence Committee, and played a key role in developing programming for the association’s annual conference.   During his years working at Clemson University he held several leadership positions in the South Carolina Psychological Association and was recognized with their “Outstanding Contributions to Psychology” award.  He has worked as a volunteer counselor for a women’s shelter, an American Red Cross Disaster Response Team, and a literacy program for Latino immigrants.

Dr. Sprinkle works through Hillcrest Psychological Associates in meeting the needs of clients who have Anthem Blue Cross insurance, including UCSD students who have the university endorsed SHIP insurance.  His office is located very near the UCSD campus, at 8950 Villa La Jolla Drive, Suite A218, La Jolla CA 92037.  He can be reached by calling 858-349-6576 or via e-mail at

Dr. Sprinkle is married and has a teenage son, and enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and playing his electric guitar.

Dr. Steve Sprinkle’s Intake Packet