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[finance_text_block]At Hillcrest Psychological Associates, our San Diego psychologists have three office locations for your convivence. Our Hillcrest office is located at the corner of First Avenue and Thorn Street at 106 Thorn Street, walking distance to residential parking and several amenities, including coffee shops and boutiques. This office space is in a craftsman style building with a warm and homey vibe to create a safe and relatable environment for therapy.

We also have an office located in La Jolla at 3252 Holiday Court, Suite 201, just blocks from Interstate 5 and walking distance to UCSD. We are across the street from the Rock Bottom Brewery. For college students and professionals, this space offers the convenience of proximity to campus, with the opportunity to utilize the trolley system by 2021.

Our third office location is in Santa Cruz at 501 Mission St., Suite 5, on the south corner of Mission Street and Union Street.

We recognize that location plays a large role in seeking therapy. Our psychologists in San Diego welcome questions about our unique office spaces and are open to exploring any logistical barriers that may arise during your consultation.

We are in-network psychologists in San Diego for Cigna and Anthem Blue Cross.[/finance_text_block]